A swappable arcade board that uses the Raspberry Pi along with other hardware and software to enable emulation in a JAMMA-compliant arcade cabinet.

Assembled board


JAMMA Interface Board

The interface board provides input and power to the onboard devices and feeds back video and audio to the cabinet.

Video Converter

The video converter converts Raspberry Pi’s HDMI signal to a lower frequency signal that an arcade CRT can handle.

Joystick Adapter

An onboard Teensy Teensy microcontroller converts incoming input signals to USB joystick events.


(Coming Soon) Most cabinets support only mono sound, so the audio component converts Raspberry Pi’s stereo signal to monaural - and adds an analog volume controller as a bonus.


(Coming Soon) berryjamm uses the Raspberry Pi 2, an excellent little computer perfect for emulation and hacking in general.


berryjamm isn’t tied to particular software, but the components I designed specifically for this project are pinch - a launcher, and fba-pi - an emulator.